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151, M Block, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan.
T: +92-42-35882864, 35882865
F: +92-42-35882866
PTCL IVR: 0900-04474 @ Rs. 3.00/Min
Mobile IVR: 4471, 4472, 4473 & 4474
E: [email protected]

For Quick Inquiry:
Mr. Khuram Shahzad
Mobile: +92-322-8585675
T: +92-42-35882864, 35882865
F: +92-42-35882866
PTCL IVR: 0900-04474 @ Rs. 3.00/Min
Mobile IVR: 4471, 4472, 4473 & 4474


Product Verification Loyalty Program


The selling of counterfeit goods on the Internet, at walk-in stores, and by sidewalk vendors and door-to-door salespeople is big business. In one recent example, federal agencies in Pakistan indicted 3200 people in a scheme to import $325 million in counterfeit products, including fake Burberry scarves; Lacoste shirts; Polo sweatshirts; Coach, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton handbags; Ugg boots; and Nike sneakers etc. Many products you might buy are common targets for unauthorized duplication, including artwork, autographed items and other memorabilia, cosmetics and perfumes, computer software, designer clothing, jewelry, music, videos, and sporting goods. If you buy something assuming it’s the real Rayban and it’s not, you could face several problems. Fakes might not last or perform as well as the genuine article, and they won’t be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. They might not meet safety and environmental regulations, and there’s a greater chance they’re manufactured in unsafe and abusive conditions."


In these times of need that anyone buy of any product from any location should be genuine, nothing is more important that your investment will safe and product full output. Spell Solution gives you the peace of mind! This service allows sale your product with secure and safe mode till to buyer’s reach. This service helps you stay away from the most common and frustrating problem of counterfeit products in the market. You can check your product form the market with this application and get satisfaction of mind.


Sports & Entertainment sports
Tobacco Industry tobacco
Pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals
Electronics electronic
Cosmetics cosmetics

How System Works?

A company made a product in the factory, it is labeled with a unique code. When you purchase that product you will see a unique code, which is printed on the lable, send this unique code to given short code (4474) number and receive an SMS, which tells you is this product is genuine and provides you with a batch number, expiration, and other information.

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